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Welcome to Rosie’s Bites, where culinary artistry turns every celebration into an unforgettable experience! From the elegance of weddings to the joy of parties, we craft exquisite menus tailored to elevate your special moments. Our passion for creating delectable dishes ensures that your event, whether a wedding, a birthday bash, or any celebration, becomes a feast for the senses.




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Rosanelly Marte

Rosanelly also known as Rosie, is the heart and soul behind our catering magic.

Among her various endeavors, Rosanelly stands tall as the proud owner of a thriving catering business. Here, she continues her life’s dedication—transforming ordinary events into extraordinary affairs. Her catering isn’t solely about serving food; it’s an artful composition, a vibrant palette of flavors steeped in her Dominican roots and entrepreneurial spirit.

What sets Rosanelly’s enterprise apart is her food truck, a mobile culinary haven that travels the streets, drawing crowds eager to indulge in her tantalizing offerings. One standout creation that fuels the excitement is her legendary “nutcracker” drinks, which have become the talk of the town. Infused with flavors that tantalize taste buds and lift spirits, these beverages have garnered a loyal following, adding an extra layer of festivity to every event Rosanelly graces with her culinary expertise.

From curating experiences to offering a sip of the famed “nutcracker” elixir, Rosanelly Marte’s journey stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication to culinary craftsmanship and the belief that exceptional experiences are crafted not just with passion but with a sprinkle of extraordinary flavors.

Her food truck was more than a business; it was a beacon of hope for her family. Each savory bite sold meant a step closer to supporting her children’s dreams and ensuring they had opportunities she once longed for.


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